Old Spice Launches 2h Invisible YouTube Film | Digital Buzz Blog

Old Spice Launches 2h Invisible YouTube Film | Digital Buzz Blog



This is perhaps Old Spice’s weirdest experiment yet. And it’s called “Invisible World”, a full feature length 2 hour online film where you can’t see a thing, all designed to promote their new Invisible Spray deodorant. Reminder: You see absolutely nothing in this film, a few words here and there, a glitch of colour randomly… but you can hear the Old Spice fans who were cast via Twitter auditions.

Even weirder… The story is an action thriller based around a boy who opens up a gateway to an invisible dimension. But you’d never know, because you can’t see anything. Old Spice have done some incredible work, so it will be interesting to see where this one fits!

Take the full YouTube description for example: “Imagine that a deodorant brand were brave enough, crazy enough, to run with an idea as irresponsible and foolhardy as financing a full-length invisible movie that you can’t actually see. Now imagine what that would look like. Now stop imagining, because it’s happening. Wait, sorry, keep imagining, because there’s nothing to see.” Enough said. If you’ve got 2 hours. Feel free to watch it. Or read about it on IMDB.

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