‘Rising Hell’ Aims to Punch its Way Up & Out of the Underworld

‘Rising Hell’ Aims to Punch its Way Up & Out of the Underworld


Getting sent to the inferno is kind of crummy, so why stick around? Rising Hell will have you uppercut-ing your way out.

I have no idea why you got sent down to Hell just yet, but I’m hoping it was some sort of mix-up. If I’m gonna help this scary-looking protagonist clobber their way out, I at least hope they’re a semi-good person. Not that I’m the best co-pilot to have on a roguelite adventure where Hell keeps changing each time I enter it. Being clumsy while trying to beat demons with your fist tends to go poorly. And it’s not like I can memorize the levels if they keep shifting.

Rising Hell

Anyway, you want to work your way up and out of this pit, so chaining combos together and keeping yourself airborne and moving upwards will go a long way to helping you escape. Naturally, there are a lot of gruesome creatures and beasts who would rather you stay a while, so you’ll have to beat your way through them with a variety of powers and plain-old fisticuffs. And if you ever do find out that this protagonist was a jerk in life, you could always play with one of the other characters you can unlock. Surely someone in this crew is a nice person.

Rising Hell carries you up through a monstrous underworld, carrying you on flying knuckles and heavy metal tunes. Although I’m starting to wonder why hell always gets associated with metal music. Maybe a little banjo music would lighten the mood down here? It’s worth a shot.

Rising Hell is available now on the Nintendo eShop, PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, and Steam.


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