YouTube and Hulu have most active users and highest consumption

YouTube and Hulu have most active users and highest consumption


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YouTube and Hulu are the video streaming platforms that lead on the frequency of user visits and the amount of content consumed, according to the latest data from Nielsen.

In May 2021 in the United States, YouTube was accessed an average of 2.8 days per week, making it the most frequently visited video streaming platform. Hulu follows close behind with 2.6 days per week.

As well as repeatedly attracting audiences, users of YouTube and Hulu also consume the largest amount of content when they do visit. More than two hours of content are watched per day used, with Hulu (130 minutes) placing first and just ahead of YouTube (128 minutes).

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However, Netflix has the largest user base at 101.3m. YouTube places second (76.4m) and Hulu places fourth (44.9m), suggesting that while their audiences are smaller, they attract more committed users who visit frequently and consume a lot of content.

Nielsen also finds that streaming accounts for a quarter (26%) of all TV consumption, tied with broadcast content (25%) and behind cable TV (39%). Within the streaming segment, SVOD takes one-half of all consumption (52%) while AVOD accounts for a quarter (27%).

This does not cover newer video streaming platforms that have proven popular, though – HBO Max accounted for the most (14.4%) new SVOD subscribers in the first three months of 2021, with Paramount+ placing third (11.8%). Kantar’s research also finds that AVOD is growing rapidly, with 49% of Americans saying they don’t mind seeing some advertising if it makes services cheaper.

As streaming erodes linear TV activity, advertisers may need more balanced media plans that work effectively across all forms of OTT-delivered video, whatever the device. However, techniques common in online video production could limit the effectiveness of new-to-TV advertisers’ campaigns, so understanding their relative strengths is vital.


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