Unleash Your Creativity With The Dailies

Unleash Your Creativity With The Dailies


For many people, days are starting to blend together. Our lives for the past year have consisted of the same places, people, and circumstances day after day, and this can result is a sense of “stuckness” or being in a creative rut.

Ironically, one of the best ways out of that rut is by instilling daily practices to help you develop your mindset, hone your creative instincts, and spot opportunities and ideas. I call these the “Dailies”. Here are a few of mine:

  • Study 60 minutes each day
  • Write 500 words each day
  • Review my “Big Things” and objectives
  • Do one act of business development
  • Create one piece of useful content

I do these activities each day, regardless of circumstances, and regardless of how I feel. It keeps me focused and prepared for whatever comes my way.

On this episode, I share insights from my book Louder Than Words about how to develop your own set of Dailies and implement them in your routine.

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