Waterproof your roof & terraces and protect your home from monsoon-woes | Companies News

Waterproof your roof & terraces and protect your home from monsoon-woes | Companies News


In India, the monsoon marks the end of scorching summers. With the petrichor strumming the right chords, Indians have begun celebrating the rains. However, you can only enjoy the monsoon season by keeping your home dry and cozy from inside, waterproofing your roof and walls is one way to ensure the same. If your roof is not waterproofed, it may lead to leakage inside the walls, ruining the magic of the season.

Some Indian states receive continuous rainfall during the monsoon period. This causes waterlogging on the roof and followed by seepage. When the rainwater seeps inside the structure, it causes the iron frame to corrode. Moreover, prolonged exposure to dampness and moisture can cause leaks to spring inside the house. By waterproofing the roof, one can completely avoid such monsoon woes, and protect the structural integrity of the house for the long run.

Waterproofing solution safeguards house from rain and heat

Nature is unpredictable and at times can be unforgiving in bringing its hostility upon your home sweet home – be it in the monsoon or the summers. The onus to protect the home lies with the ones who live in it, and it should not be considered a daunting task. The best solution for homeowners is waterproofing the roof and outer walls. It lays a blanket of 360-degree protection over your house. Besides, waterproofing the roof or terrace has many benefits –

· It increases the life-span of the roof and the house

· It prevents damage to the structure

· Protects from cosmetic damages and retains the beauty of the house

Protection from rain

Waterproofing also has commercial benefits. Waterproofing your house does not burn a hole in your pocket. Since it maintains pleasant visual aesthetics, the value of the house does not drop. The process is pretty straightforward as well. For a 360-waterproofing solution, you should seek professional help from experts. In this regard, you can trust Asian Paints for its expertise in the field. It offers effective solutions like Asian Paints SmartCare Damp Proof and Asian Paints SmartCare Damp Proof Ultra to safeguard the walls, terraces, and exteriors of your home all year round.

Choose the one that suits your needs, and be let the expert take care of the rest.

· Asian Paints SmartCare Damp Proof (8 Years Warranty | up to 10-degrees Surface Heat Reduction)

· Asian Paints SmartCare Damp Proof Ultra (10 Years Warranty | up to 12-degrees Surface Heat Reduction)

Waterproofing is not only for rain protection, but it protects the surface from extreme heat as well. The rooftop of any house is the most exposed part. During the summer, which is almost throughout the year in India, roofs and terraces are most exposed to direct sunlight. Extensive exposure to the heat can crack up the surface, creating possibilities for water leakage in the future. Waterproofing the roof or terrace can solve this problem.

asian paints


If you have your house already covered by waterproofing, wait for the rains and switch to your celebration mode. On the contrary, if you are staring at your ceiling and walls with your fingers crossed, here is a suggestion that will work best in your favour. Contact Asian Paints and let their skilled professionals take care of your waterproofing needs. For more information, please visit https://www.asianpaints.com/products/waterproofing-solutions.html.

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