66-Yr-Old Nurse Comes Back From Retirement To Help COVID Patients

66-Yr-Old Nurse Comes Back From Retirement To Help COVID Patients


The coronavirus pandemic has affected the world, but poor people, for whom healthcare has been inaccessible, have been worst off. However, during this precedent crisis, we have come across people with extraordinary kindness, who have extended their help to the vulnerable.

One such samaritan in Mysuru has been helping the people living in the villages of Kollegal and Hanur in Chamarajanagar district of Karnataka. AS Geetha is a retired nurse and has come forward to serve the needy through her years of professional experience.

Back To Work

Speaking to The New Indian Express, Geetha informed how the death of her two acquaintances pushed her to reach out to other people suffering from the virus and facing challenges accessing necessary medical equipment.

She was later informed by her brother about the Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement (SVYM), which was delivering oxygen concentrators for patients, and asked if she could help them.

“I couldn’t help people financially… but serving people is part of my profession… so I decided to render my service this way,” the media quoted her as saying.

The 66-year-old is helping patients by delivering portable oxygen cylinders and counselling the families of the patients.

Serving Is My Duty

Geetha says she is aware of the potential risk involved while meeting several people every day, from being to contracting the infections to taking care of the senior citizens back home. But she follows all the precautionary measures.

“Everyone in my house is a senior citizen. My mother, who is 96, stays with me. Though there is fear, I have kept it aside to continue with my service,” she added.

Geetha also recognised the contribution of one of the SVYM staffers, Harish, who is working on the ground with her. SVYM’s Chief Strategy Officer and head-education, S Praveen Kumar lauded the 66-year-old’s motivation and empathy for people. Half of the pandemic fight has been fought because of such warriors and their countless efforts, he added.

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