Siblings invent device to stop oxygen wastage

Siblings invent device to stop oxygen wastage


Two brothers including one who is a student of  the fourth year Integrated MSc Physics of the National Institute of Technology, Rourkela,  have invented one device, named as ‘Oxyserve’, which is stated to help in saving about 60 to 70% medical oxygen, in comparison to present practice of oxygen using.

Significantly, the device appears extremely useful, in the wake of the recent oxygen crisis in the country during the second wave of  Covid-19.

Rupesh Mahore, a fourth student of Integrated MSc Physics student of NITR and also currently working as a research intern at Havard, Department of Molecular Biology and his younger brother Gunendra Mahore, a student of Mechanical Engineer of MITS, Gwalior,  have a start-up  called ‘Spacegrade’.

Rupesh and Gunendra have developed one device named as ‘Oxyserve’. Sources said, during this covid wave and rampant use of oxygen,  Rupesh had observed that while using continuous flow of oxygen supply devices, more than half of the oxygen is wasted during the dead space and exhalation period of the respiratory cycle.

With an objective to restrict this waste of oxygen, he had started research work about six months back. His younger brother Gundendra  had also joined in the work. After research and several rounds of experimentation, they developed a pulse width modulated flux control oxygen conservation device and named it as ‘Oxyserve’. Unlike the conventional oxygen device, Oxyserve through its respiratory sensors and flow control valve, saves a huge surplus of oxygen to the tune of 60 to 70%.

Significantly, the two brothers’ research paper and the device has been accepted recently at the ICRTST 21 (International Conference on Recent Trends in Science & Technology-2021) conference, without any modification.


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