Agencies suspect LeT link, say Pakistan might have used drones it brought from China for pizza delivery

Agencies suspect LeT link, say Pakistan might have used drones it brought from China for pizza delivery


It was reported on June 27th, 2021, how two 1.5 kilograms, pressure-activated explosive devices were dropped inside an Indian Air Force’s base in Jammu by a drone, just missing a hangar where helicopters are parked. Today, the Jammu and Kashmir Director General of Police Dilbagh Singh has revealed that preliminary investigation into the drone attack has pointed to the involvement of Pakistan-based terror outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba in the attack, reports India Today.

Agencies probing whether drone used for attack was amongst those which Pakistan brought from China to deliver Pizzas

Security agencies are also probing whether the drones used for the attack was amongst those that Pakistan had brought in bulk from its all-whether ally, China. As per India Today’s report, Indian security agencies had intel that Pakistan had brought many drones from China for the delivery of pizzas and medicines in the country. The agencies have said that it is now a matter of investigation whether the drones used for the Sunday attack on the IAF airbase were the same Chinese drones.

The J and K Police chief had earlier confirmed that the twin explosions inside the Indian Air Force base’s high-security zone on Sunday were a “terror attack”.

Agencies believe drones used by Pakistani terrorists took off from close proximity of the IAF airbase

The agencies probing the incident could not find any trace of the two drones that dropped explosives at the Indian Air Force station in Jammu on Sunday. The agencies did a careful investigation of the debris and its surroundings and could not find any clue about the drones, leaving them to believe that they were most likely pulled back by the handlers later. The agencies are now trying to trace the drones through any internal or external CCTV footage, reports India Today.

The report further read that sources in the agencies probing the attack have said that it is almost certain that the drones used by terrorists to target the strategic assets of the Indian Air Force located inside the airbase, were small quadcopters and it is possible that they took off from close proximity of the Jammu airbase. They added that had bigger drones been used for the attack it would have been detected as it would come to the notice of radars in the area.

While the investigations in the incident are still going on, reports suggest that the security officials spotted drones at three different locations, including the Sunjwan military camp, in Jammu at around 2.30 am today. The drone, however, couldn’t be traced after some time, they added. With this, a total of 5 drones have been spotted in the last three days.

Drone attack was carried out at Jammu airbase to target IAF’s strategic assets

On May 27, the drone dropped the bombs at a location close to the Helicopter hangar. The IAF suspect that these attacks were intended to target the strategic assets of the Indian Air Force located inside the airbase. However, the forces managed to intercept and thwart the second attack minimizing the damage successfully.

As per CNN News18, this is the first time such a drone attack has been carried out against the country’s defence establishment. The IAF patrol team saw the ammunition being dropped.

“There is no damage to any aircraft in the blasts. Two personnel suffered minor injuries,” the Indian Air Force sources said to ANI. The India-Pakistan border is about 14 kms from the Air Force station and as per reports, previously weapons have been dropped as far as 12 kms within Indian territory with the help of drones.

Speaking about the drone activities seen in Jammu, MoS MHA, GK Reddy was quoted by ANI as saying today: “Pakistan earlier too had attacked the border; security forces had stopped the drones from entering the borders and destroyed them. Discussions have been held by high level security forces & further investigation will take place”. 


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