14-Year-Old Married Off To 40-Year-Old In Bihar Village

14-Year-Old Married Off To 40-Year-Old In Bihar Village


The government has made strict laws against child marriage across the country and has been running an awareness campaign regarding this. Despite these efforts, a 14-year-old girl from Bihar’s Purnea district was allegedly married off to a 40-year-old man from Uttar Pradesh’s Moradabad district on June 27. Police received the information about the alleged crime from some villagers. According to the groom, a man from his village, who had a relative in the minor’s village, fixed this match.

On the date fixed, the man arrived at Dimia Chhatarjan village in Purnea and the marriage took place in a secret manner in Dewanganj Kali Temple. However, after the marriage when the bride refused to go with the groom and cried, the nearby people came to know about this alleged child marriage. Soon, the news spread in the entire village and the locals objected to it. The district Child Line also received the information regarding this and soon a team reached the spot and rescued her.

According to the girl, she wanted to study further, but her father, Girish Mandal, had forcefully married her off to a middle-aged man.

Meanwhile, Mandal cited the financial constraints behind taking this step. He said the minor’s mother too, is mentally unstable and so he thought it would be appropriate to marry off his daughter to someone who earns so that he takes care of her. He added that since he is not capable of giving dowry; he married her off to a middle-aged man who was desperately looking for a girl and did not seek any dowry.

However, the in charge of Muffasil police station, Aditya Ranjan, said no complaint has been filed in this regard yet. He added that appropriate action will be taken once a written complaint is filed in the case.

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