Inside Bodybuilding Gives Weightlifters Opportunity to Invest in Their Health | Health News

Inside Bodybuilding Gives Weightlifters Opportunity to Invest in Their Health | Health News


Bodybuilding is becoming increasingly popular in a generation that wants instant results, and is gravitating further away from health and focusing more on external appearance.

Consequently, many are turning to ‘harmful supplements’ in order to enhance their body composition; which promise to build large amounts of muscle and burn fat in just a matter of weeks.

Thus, modern day bodybuilders are more vulnerable to health problems due to cutting corners and taking high doses of dangerous substances.

Such adverse effects can include: infertility, high blood pressure, liver failure, low testosterone, gynecomastia and male pattern baldness.

Inside Bodybuilding is a clinic made up of specialist doctors who have treated hundreds of competitive bodybuilders, powerlifters and average Joe weightlifters.

Such specialized knowledge and experience may be crucial at a time where the average doctor is not fully aware of the effects of different performance enhancing drugs.

Thus, the average weightlifter may be able to reach out to their local doctor in an attempt to treat the side effects of taking certain ‘supplements’. But the average physician is unlikely to be familiar or well versed with such compounds and how they work exactly in different dosages. There is also an element of fear among patients for discussing their use of such illegal drugs.

Inside Bodybuilding’s clinic welcomes male and female weightlifters, which can be visited in person locally, in the region of Melksham, England. However, they also provide online consultations for men and women in different countries around the world, including many patients from America.

Patients have the chance of receiving non-judgemental consultations from two of the leading medical experts in the field of bodybuilding and hormone recovery, being Dr. Thomas O’Connor and Dr. George Touliatos.

They can offer advice on how to recover endogenous testosterone levels, what medications to use in the recovery of the HPTA axis, how to prevent/reverse gynecomastia, stabilize blood pressure, AST/ALT liver values and more.

With the current pandemic, it has never been more important to look after your health, and this is the mission of Inside Bodybuilding, according to CEO Ernst Peibst: “Our goal is to give men and women longevity in the sport of bodybuilding, whether you are lifting weights as a pro or just as a hobby. We want to see less casualties in the sport and make people more aware of the risks athletes are taking by cycling banned substances. Ultimately our goal is to improve people’s health and help them to live longer, whilst achieving their goals and experiencing success from the sport they love”.

Inside Bodybuilding is already proving to be a popular helpline for bodybuilders, particularly in the US region, with the website receiving 4,000-5,000 visits per day.

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