June 2021 – The Generous Wife

June 2021 – The Generous Wife


Most of the month has been lovely, but these last few days we’ve been crawling through a heatwave (I live in the PNW). My poor garden peas. They hate the hot weather.

On to my personal goals …

I am so enjoying the slower pace for Bible reading and my devotional. I’m still on May 30th and I’m creeping through Proverbs. I spend a lot of time talking to God about how what I read needs to change my thinking and actions. I’m very happy with the changes I see.

My friends and I are working hard to keep our weekly Bible study alive. Summer is full of family activities, but our studies are changing our attitudes and choices and we want to hold on to that.

I read a few books by Andy Andrews this month. I suppose you could call them personal growth books, but mostly I just needed something fairly light and encouraging.

  • focus – intimacy with my husband

I’m continuing to pray daily for my husband and marriage. It’s made for some serious discussions about our words and how we are actually spending our time. I feel like the marriage focus is helping me grow up a bit.

  • watch the grandkids
  • family night
  • coffee with friends
  • send a card each month

Family nights with extended family and Sunday nights with the grandkids are still on the calendar. It’s good for our family community.

I have weekly coffee time with a good friend and I’m trying to touch base with others (moving back into life after COVID has its challenges).

No cards this month.

  • Study nutrition and add more veggies to my diet.
  • Continue with intermittent fasting (stick with the 6-8 hour eating window).
  • Exercise three days a week (including Kegels).
  • Rest one day a week.

No study, but I’m loving dinner salads straight from the garden. The intermittent fasting and Kegels are habit.

Exercise is the near-daily outside work I do (late afternoon when parts of our yard and garden go into shade). Wednesday is one of my favorite days of the week. 🙂 I need that day of rest and play.

I’m learning to create more mobile-friendly websites with DIVI. I have a staging area where I’m experimenting and I’m hopeful that our sites will look better over the next few months.

I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by office work again. I sat down and considered what has been helpful in the past. I went back to creating blocks of time for bookkeeping and office work. Hopefully, this will help me with my attitude.

I set up blocks of time for housework too. 🙂

  • gardening
  • raising rabbits
  • art
  • raising quail

The garden is so lovely. The recent heat has been a bit tough on it, but I’ve added a bunch of mulch and we’re keeping everything watered well.

The heat has been hard on the bunnies too. We set out ice blocks to help them stay cool and we run a sprinkler every so often to mist part of the bunny yard.

No art this month, though I did get a kalimba for my birthday and I’ve been learning to play it.

I’m still holding out hope that we’ll get the quail cages built this summer.

  • build onto our house
  • plant more trees
  • build a walipini

WooHoo! we have more floor joists. Next step, a bit of plumbing and then a real floor! 🙂

It’s too hot to plant trees. We’ll plant a few more after the heatwave.

The wallipini is a later-in-the-year project.

Iced coffee is my love language. Author Unknown

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