Sasikala’s New ‘Leaked’ Audio Clip Creates Fresh Waves in Tamil Nadu

Sasikala’s New ‘Leaked’ Audio Clip Creates Fresh Waves in Tamil Nadu


Days after an audio clip purported to be of VK Sasikala was leaked online creating ripples in Tamil Nadu’s political circles, another audio clip has emerged where the aide of former TN Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa is allegedly heard talking about her life in prison and her constant worry for the people of her state.

In the latest audio clip released on Tuesday, the expelled AIADMK leader is heard telling a party volunteer from Theni district that during her time in Bengaluru jail, she “fasted for the welfare of the people of Tamil Nadu for they should not get trapped by Covid-19”.

“I can no longer sit idle and watch the party being wasted. The AIADMK is in a very bad situation that has to be fixed immediately. I stepped aside with the hope that they will win the elections as they promised. Amma’s (Jayalalithaa) rule would have been implemented for the third time in Tamil Nadu if they had won. They also expel volunteers who are in touch with me. Although I was in Bengaluru prison for 4 years, my soul revolved around the people of Tamil Nadu. I fasted for months so that the people of Tamil Nadu should not get trapped by Covid-19,” Sasikala on the audio clip.

The AIADMK was quick to brush aside the quotes as hogwash. “We have nothing to do with Sasikala. None of the party executives were in touch with her. She has been talking to those who have been expelled from the party owing to disciplinary action. Previously, Sasikala said she was not going to get involved in politics when she got out of prison. Now, why is she playing this audio game? Sasikala is trying to hijack the party. Let her start if she wants to start a solo party and do whatever she wants. None of the AIADMK executives are with Sasikala”, a party functionary told News18.

Earlier, on June 25, a conversation between the expelled leader and her supporters in the party was leaked on social media, revealing that Sasikala has been in touch with her supporters in AIADMK over frequent phone calls and has hinted at her political re-entry. Sasikala when speaking to Chidambaram, a supporter from Erode, could be heard saying, “I will definitely come back when the Covid-19 surge would be completely over. The party has gone a different way now. I will come soon and confront to capture and safeguard the party.”

Earlier, 17 party functionaries have been expelled from the party for interacting with VK Sasikala.

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