10 SEO Blogs for Legal Marketers to Follow Now — Legal Marketing & Technology Blog — June 30, 2021

10 SEO Blogs for Legal Marketers to Follow Now — Legal Marketing & Technology Blog — June 30, 2021


In a digital marketing world, SEO matters. Whether you are an SEO beginner or expert, you need to stay up to date on the trends and changes in the SEO landscape. Here are 10 SEO blogs to help you stay ahead of the game.

Wherever your law firm may be in its search engine optimization (SEO) journey, there are resources out there to help. Many blogs offer free, up-to-date content about the landscape of the SEO world for seasoned pros and beginners alike. Most of these blogs also keep you up to date on the changes that frequently occur in the SEO space. We have created a list of top SEO blogs to help you find the resources that are the best fit for lawyers and legal marketers like you.

Don’t worry if you are overwhelmed by the amount of information in these blogs! While you can always check them out on your own time, Justia is always paying attention to these developments and creates a curated list of important articles from top SEO blogs on our social media channels. Just follow us on Twitter and Facebook to start seeing the SEO and digital articles we think all lawyers should read.

Now without further ado, here are 10 of our picks (in a randomized order) of SEO blogs you should start following now to help you reach your overall marketing goals.

Search Engine Land Homepage

Search Engine Land is a go-to place for digital marketing professionals looking to stay up to date on the latest technology trends. The blog offers information about SEO (and other key aspects of digital marketing) from breaking news to the latest trends and industry changes. The team at Search Engine Land also works with their affiliates and other industry experts to host webinars and events for professionals to learn more about marketing and SEO. If you read just one SEO blog, Search Engine Land should be it.

Whitespark Blog Homepage

Local search is a subset of SEO, much like local marketing is a subset of the larger field of digital marketing. Local marketing and optimization for local search continue to increase in importance in our modern digital landscape. Therefore, part of staying up to date on the SEO industry trends that may impact your law firm is to stay up to date on local search trends and best practices as well. The Whitespark Blog is designed to help you do just that by keeping you up to date with information on citations, Google My Business (GMB), reviews, and more.

Search Engine Roundtable Homepage

Search Engine Roundtable is self-described as a website dedicated to reporting on the most interesting threads in search engine marketing forums to save marketers the time and effort expended clicking through various forums to find the “true gems”. The blog expands on this mission by offering related posts on specialized topics. You can browse SEO topics generally, or look into more specialized information about Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The site also has information about related topics, such as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Similar to other blogs on this list, you can subscribe for notifications.

Sterling Sky Blog Homepage

Sterling Sky is another blog that is primarily dedicated to local SEO. It does not offer as much ancillary info as other primary search blogs, but does an outstanding job of sharing information about GMB and its impacts on local search. Recent articles include What Are “Relations” in Google My Business?, How Do You Get a Branded Google Map Pin? 5 Facts to Know, and The Ultimate Guide to Practitioner Listings on Google My Business [2021].

Google Search Central Blog Homepage

The Google Search Central Blog is unique in that it comes directly from the king of search engines itself. On this site, you will find official information on Google Search core algorithm updates, announcements about changing products and features, and information on SEO best practices. Recent posts include Learn how to improve your content with Search Console Insights and Search Console regex filters update and quick tips.

Search Engine Journal Homepage

Search Engine Journal was launched in 2003 as an educational tool for the SEO community. The website is dedicated to providing people interested in SEO with the latest industry news and best practices through a “community-based” approach that features content from independent and in-house SEO and marketing professionals. You can check out a plethora of resources on their site in categories such as SEO, paid search marketing, content marketing, and social media. They even offer some resources geared directly to the legal industry, including articles on law firm SEO and legal marketing. Like others on this list, Search Engine Journal also offers learning opportunities like webinars and a summit event and sends a regular newsletter to subscribers.

ahrefs blog homepage

Ahrefs is an SEO tool, similar to Google Search Console, that allows users to better understand their site’s performance and locate SEO issues. The Ahrefs Blog complements the tool by offering learning resources, such as guides, case studies, tutorials, and best practice information, to the general public. Ahrefs intends for its blog to serve as a tool to help people get better at SEO and marketing. Recent posts include How to Write an Irresistible Headline in 3 Easy Steps, The Ultimate SEO Checklist for 2021, and Core Web Vitals: How to Optimize Them for SEO.

Search Engine Watch Homepage

Search Engine Watch is another blog that offers a wide range of SEO and marketing content. Readers can browse articles in categories like SEO, analytics, mobile, and local search. The site also houses whitepapers about SEO and search marketing and offers courses for further learning.

The MOZ Blog Homepage

Like Ahrefs, Moz is a company that seeks to equip its users with effective SEO tools (both paid and free). The Moz Blog is the company’s home for SEO and marketing knowledge and resources for the general public to peruse best practices, how-tos, and general insights. Recent posts on The Moz Blog include 8 Local Communication Bridges and 4 Experts to Help You Build Them, How to Make Newsworthy Content, and 8 Experts Weigh in on the Past, Present, and Future Evolution of Link Building.

Yoast Blog Homepage

Yoast is an SEO company with software focused on alleviating some of the technical headaches of SEO for nontechnical people. The company mission is “SEO for everyone” which translates to also sharing their knowledge with everyone. The Yoast SEO Blog offers resources for beginners, evergreen SEO guides, and other articles with SEO news, tips, and insights.

Final Thoughts: Why Do You Care?

To reach clients in a digital world, you have to care about search engine visibility. SEO is an important and ever-changing part of a strong marketing strategy as more and more adults adapt to a digital-first world. You want to be sure potential clients can find your firm when they need a lawyer. One part of making sure clients can find you is prioritizing learning about SEO best practices and digital marketing so that you have an effective knowledge base from multiple resources that allows you to consider the strategies that work best for your firm.


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