Ad tech company Integral Ad Science soars 18% on market debut

Ad tech company Integral Ad Science soars 18% on market debut


Integral Ad Science, an ad tech company, rose 10% on Wednesday afternoon after its stock market debut and traded under the ticker “IAS”. The stock opened at an IPO price of $ 18 to $ 22, bringing the company’s value to nearly $ 3.3 billion.

IAS calls itself a “verification company” for digital advertising. The technology helps advertisers to be able to display ads, not be fraudulent, be “brand safe” in the right area, or run near content that advertisers may consider problematic. Claims.

“Think of a cola ad running on YouTube,” CEO Lisa Utzschneider said in an interview Wednesday. “Make sure your ads are viewed by humans and placed next to brand-safe, brand-appropriate content. We also have content-targeting solutions that help coke around the world find brand-appropriate content. Provide. Content they want to avoid. ”

IAS is in conflict with Double Verify, which was released in April. DoubleVerify jumped 31.5% to $ 47.35 since the IPO.

The IAS posted a net loss of $ 2.8 million over the three months ending March 31, narrower than the loss of $ 14.4 in the year-ago quarter.

According to Utzschneider, the company has more than 2,000 customers, including Coke, Nestle, Verizon and GlaxoSmithKline. She said more clients have contracts with companies to handle the verification of all digital media around the world.

On the publisher side, she said the company is affiliated with publishers such as Reuters, Hulu and Comcast’s NBC Universal.

“The reason it’s so important to work with both marketers and publishers is that publishers promote higher yields, provide higher quality media, and help them optimize overall yields.” She said.

The company also offers content-targeting services, and Utzschneider said it should be a differentiator for the company as Google is preparing to end support for third-party cookies. This product promises to help marketers find content they want to keep close to or avoid.

Utzschneider said the IPO will help the company hire engineers and data scientists to make strategic acquisitions.

Social platforms and connected TV are also growing areas. IAS is Working on Twitter About brand safety technology for platform feeds. Utzschneider said he expects “more social platforms to emerge in the future.”

Disclosure: Comcast-owned NBC Universal is CNBC’s parent company.


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