Cylynt transforms anti-piracy program for leading BIM

Cylynt transforms anti-piracy program for leading BIM


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Cylynt transforms anti-piracy program for leading BIM

Financial recovery growing significantly with the addition of Cylynt expertise

Companies, such as our BIM client, can never be complacent about how their software is being used. We support them by revealing opportunities for success for their company and their customers.”

— Graham Kill

LOS ANGELES , CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 1, 2021 / — When a leading building information modeling (BIM) company needed to address its piracy problem they turned to the software anti-piracy, license compliance, and cybersecurity experts, Cylynt.

The Cylynt platform is trusted by some of the world’s leading software companies for enhanced business intelligence and globally is protecting around $50 billion of software assets. Cylynt solutions, which evolved from anti-piracy and license compliance roots, are an integral part of the ongoing battle to safeguard intellectual property against increasingly sophisticated evasion techniques and result in significant revenue recovery and brand protection. Detailed (data privacy compliant) usage analytics provide unparalleled understanding into how users interact with a software vendor’s product and deliver valuable insight into customer experience, product development, lead generation, and sales processes. Across these elements, clients are currently realizing a gross ROI from Cylynt solutions of up to nine times their investment.

The BIM company develops industry-leading software that their customers rely on in design and construction, and a typical customer has around $200,000 in licensed software. However, the company discovered its software was being pirated and sold illegally, so looked to tackle this for a number of reasons. They wanted to know the scale of the problem and above all to stop their loss of revenue from the piracy and the potential damage to their brand and reputation. Importantly, too they wanted to act to protect their genuine customers against the unfair competition they themselves were facing from this illicit use.

Working with the Cylynt team to develop their anti-piracy and license compliance program, they have been able to achieve significant results in their financial recovery growth, protect their reputation, and level the playing field for their legitimate customers. The company has been delighted with the results and the impressive return on investment they have seen.

“While potential adopters of an anti-piracy and license compliance program may be concerned about invading the privacy of their legal customers,” a senior executive from the BIM commented, “these issues are easily solved within Cylynt because users can specify who they want to investigate, thus complying with data privacy laws. Cylynt customers are not only protecting their products, but they’re also protecting the investments of their legitimate customers.”

The Cylynt team is looking forward to an expanding relationship with their client, as the company adopts the very latest in license compliance, Cylynt Ranger. This enables the software vendor to stay one step ahead of those looking to exploit their products however sophisticated the piracy techniques become. Cylynt’s usage analytics is also providing the BIM team with actionable insights to complete the 360-degree view of exactly how their software is being used.

“Over the past year or so we have seen an increase in software piracy and the latest insight from our usage analytics shows the significant impact that Covid-19 and remote working has had on unlicensed use,” commented Graham Kill, Executive Chairman and CEO of Cylynt Group. “We have recorded over one billion usage events and our analysis reveals an increase of more than 44% in the instances of piracy over the past 12 months.”

“Companies, such as our BIM client, can never be complacent about how their software is being used and by whom. We are on hand to ensure clients have ‘Zero Dark Usage’ and we support them by revealing opportunities for success for their company and their customers.”

See our Success Story for more on the challenges the BIM company faced and the results they have achieved.

About Cylynt

Cylynt provides SaaS based anti-piracy, license compliance and software monetization technology for the world’s leading software companies. Cylynt’s data-driven approach to software utilization enables technology companies to derive more value while protecting their IP and clients are currently realizing an ROI of 9:1. Cylynt helps clients make informed business decisions, correct licensing problems, and protect customers from unfair competition. With a solution for every budget, Cylynt’s innovative technologies organize, analyze, and interpret telemetry data into meaningful market insights and quality lead generation.

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