Elderly woman’s reaction while getting a Covid-19 vaccine shot goes viral

Elderly woman’s reaction while getting a Covid-19 vaccine shot goes viral


While getting vaccinated against coronavirus has become the need of the hour, it’s not an easy deal for everyone as their fear of needles becomes a hindrance. One such video of a scared elderly woman getting her coronavirus jab is creating waves online. Many people said they feel sad for her, but also added they couldn’t stop laughing after seeing her reaction.

In a video going viral, a health worker and probably a family member are seen holding down the woman at the centre, while a nurse is all set with a syringe to administer the dose. As she keeps getting anxious, the health worker is seen holding her hand to calm her down. However, when even that fails and the elderly woman starts to scream in fear, other nurses are seen rushing to hold her legs so the injection is given without any problem.

In the end, after the jab is given, the senior woman too seems to be amused as all break out laughing.

“Perhaps she would have more pain where others “held” her than at PRICK,” IPS officer Rupin Sharma wrote sharing the clip while sympathising with the elderly woman.

While the video left many in splits, others argued fear of needles is real. Last month, a Brazilian man fainted after getting a panic attack while taking the jab owing to his fears.

Earlier, a similar video of a young woman went viral, when she tried to fight off her fears by saying, “Mummy bol du”. When asked to sit down, the person promptly jumped up from the seat, requesting the nurse to give her a minute before getting the jab.


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