Family of accused says not in favour of relationship with Sikh girl

Family of accused says not in favour of relationship with Sikh girl


The family of Shahid Nazir Bhat, man accused and arrested in abduction and religious conversion of Sikh girl in Jammu & Kashmir, says that they were not happy with his purported relationship with Manmeet Kaur. As per reports, Ruqaiya Bhat, claimed that her brother left their home on 21 June at 7 AM and are not aware if he has married Manmeet. However, she did say that they were not happy with their relationship.

Ruqaiya added that her brother was married previously and divorced his wife after two years and has a six year old daughter who lives with them. She said that they barely make ends meet and survive on his father’s income who works as an ironsmith. Shahid Nazir Bhat would reportedly help the father in his work and would do some travel related work occasionally.

Bhat’s three elder sisters are unmarried and live with the family. Ruqaiya further added that she had tried to alert the Sikh community about the relationship between her brother and Manmeet.

Sikh girl abduction and conversion case

As per reports, the family members of 18 year old Manmeet Kaur, a Sikh girl in Kashmir has alleged that she was abducted and married off after being converted to Islam. Sikh leaders have alleged that the conversion was forced. Two days later, she was handed back to her family and later married off to a Sikh man after she returned home. Bhat is currently lodged in jail.


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