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With the COVID-19 pandemic coming to an end, many law firms are struggling to find new clients as the world is slowly opening back up. Injury Leads, a company based in Las Vegas, NV, is helping to fill that gap by generating real-time inquiries for personal injury & disability law firms on a monthly subscription basis. The company was founded in early 2020 by CEO Andy Jang, a digital marketing specialist that also runs a social media marketing agency called Eclektic Marketing LLC that primarily focuses on businesses with social media marketing campaigns

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Injury Leads has helped law firms in 15 states nationwide acquire new clients, ranging from auto accident cases to social security disability claims for both personal injury and disability attorneys. They even offer custom marketing solutions for different practice areas within the law firm space such as bankruptcy and even pharmaceutical negligence cases.

Unlike traditional marketing agencies or even ‘lead generation’ companies, Injury Leads aims to set the standard of being the #1 Lead Generation agency to deliver high-quality case inquiries on autopilot without having to spend additional money on marketing budgets.

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If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that digital advertising isn’t going anywhere. Social media advertising budgets amongst businesses have gone up exponentially compared to previous years.

With the rising demand of E-commerce and businesses scrambling to find their new clients using traditional methods, it’s a no-brainer that advertising online has become a necessity for many businesses in 2021.

Injury Leads leverages the power of social media platforms to advertise in real-time to generate high-quality leads that are pre-qualified for their clients. Some of these platforms include big tech companies such as YouTube, Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

According to their website, Injury Leads can reach over 250 million Americans in the United States alone using paid media reach, often known as paid social media advertising.

Many law firms that have experience working with lead generation often come from the likes of Nolo, which is easily recognized as one of the biggest law firm marketing companies. The incentive to switch to Injury Leads can be seen by the rapid rate of new law firms wanting to work with Injury Leads since many lead companies offer unreliable leads.

In many cases, the unreliability of the lead usually stems from not qualifying the leads effectively in the first place since big companies usually focus on delivering the volume and quality of the leads. Leads may be a cheaper alternative to what Injury Leads offers but the quality doesn’t match when comparing conversion rates to actual cases.

Injury Leads can work with both solo practitioners to even big firms by delivering the leads via email as well as a direct CRM integration. This ensures that firms of any size can easily receive leads and integrate with the intake department right away with an average onboarding time of 24 hours.

The company’s results are backed by a money-back guarantee in writing with state-of-the-art verification methods to ensure that the leads are of the utmost high quality.

Using technologies like SMS code verifications, which are used by tech companies & banks worldwide, Injury Leads aims to be the number one provider for law firms nationwide in the client acquisition space.


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