‘Luna’s Fishing Garden’ Offers Soothing Fishing in a Magical Land

‘Luna’s Fishing Garden’ Offers Soothing Fishing in a Magical Land


Luna’s Fishing Garden sees you trying to land the big one in a realm filled with enchanted creatures and enrapturing sights.

If you’re going to go fishing, I can’t think of too many better places than a world filled with cute magic animals (although now I’m wondering if I’m catching magic fish and if I’m hurting them and oh god Joel stop going down this road). If you’re feeling some slight guilt over the matter like I am, then you need to know that you don’t HAVE to go fishing. This place is meant to be explored and savored at your own pace, with your own choices about whether you want to fish, garden, or simply ride the waves on your boat to see what you find. This is your own calming place, so do what makes you feel good.

Luna's Fishing Garden

If you want to lean into your gardening, you can plant many different kinds of things in your green space. Even add some decorations as you like. As you carve out your own pretty space, here, you may find yourself being visited by all sorts of charming critters. I’m a bit fan of any activity that lets me hang out with capybaras in hats, honestly, so I’m willing to set up whatever garden they need to have that happen. They’re far from the only animal friends who may show up, so tend your flowers and plants however you like and see who comes over.

Luna’s Fishing Garden is greatly soothing, and looks to help give you a little quiet space where you can foster growth and animal companionship. Just don’t think about the fish too much like I do.

Luna’s Fishing Garden is available now on Steam.


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