Why this medical tech company wants the Apple Watch ‘banned’

Why this medical tech company wants the Apple Watch ‘banned’


It looks like there may be ‘trouble’ for Apple as a medical tech company has accused it of infringing on its patents. Masimo, a company that specialises in noninvasive patient monitoring features, has said that Apple Watch Series 6 infringes ups five of its patents that are specifically linked to blood oxygen measurement. According to a report by Bloomberg, Masimo has said that the patented tech uses light transmitted through the body to check blood oxygen levels, something which Apple has copied.
In a complaint to the US International Trade Commission, Masimo has said that it wants imports of Apple Watch to be banned in the US. In the complaint, the medical tech company has said that Apple ‘markets’ the Watch as a medical device with features like blood oxygen monitoring.
“Apple heavily markets that feature of the Series 6 to give the watch the appearance of a medical device,” Masimo said in the filing. “Yet, hidden from the millions of purchasers of the Series 6, Apple warns in the fine print that the blood oxygen measurements should not be relied upon for medical purposes.”

What happens next?

The Bloomberg report states that the patents are already being reviewed by the US Patent and Trademark Office. Apple had argued that they didn’t cover any new inventions and the case is on hold till all patent reviews are completed.
The US International Trade Commission, as per the report, generally takes about 15 to 18 months to complete its investigations.
This isn’t the first time Masimo has had an issue with Apple and the Watch. In 2020, the company had filed a case against Apple accusing of “stealing trade secrets” under the pretext of a working relationship between the two.


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