DNA Exclusive: Why does NYT need journalists with ‘anti-India’, ‘venomous mindset’ in Delhi, know here all | India News

DNA Exclusive: Why does NYT need journalists with ‘anti-India’, ‘venomous mindset’ in Delhi, know here all | India News


In recent times, we have come across several instances when it was noticed that the western media did not miss out on an opportunity to run propaganda against India. Be it the COVID-19 crisis, the farmers’ movement, the Galwan Valley dispute with China at or any riots, it has been observed that the western media puts their best efforts to malign India’s image on an international platform.

While all this happens in the name of fair journalism and secularism, people ponder as to how such elements with low-level of journalism reach their newsrooms.

Today, we have proof that America’s renowned newspaper ‘New York Times’ released a vacancy for the post of a South Asia correspondent based out of India. The organisation clearly mentions that as criteria, the candidate should be anti-Modi and should possess an anti-India ideology. The specific purpose of the New York Times seems to be to appeal to candidates who can write against the democratically elected government in India and supports anti-Modi ideology at the same time. And this is how newspapers like New York Times becomes the biggest den of ‘Tukde Tukde’ gang journalists present in India.

On July 1, the New York Times released a vacancy for the South Asia correspondent. It stated that the candidate selected for this job will be required to operate from the national capital – Delhi. Along with it, the company also released complete details of qualities they are looking for in the candidate. Here, we explain it to you in three points. 

In the first point, this newspaper writes – “India’s future now stands at a crossroads. Modi is advocating a self-sufficient, muscular nationalism centred on the country’s Hindu majority. That vision puts him at odds with the interfaith, multicultural goals of modern India’s founders.”

The newspaper mentions that the future of India is standing at a crossroads and the reason for this is Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It says that Prime Minister Modi is promoting aggressive nationalism on the basis of the Hindu majority in the country and his policy can be dangerous for India’s culture of unity in diversity. Notably, this description is not a part of any article but is mentioned at the space released for the job description. In this, the newspaper further writes that work is being done to weaken the freedom of media and freedom of expression in India, which raises serious questions on the future of the country.

In 2014, BJP formed the government in the Centre by winning 282 seats and Narendra Modi became Prime Minister. Then, in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the Prime Minister again formed the government by winning 303 seats. However, it appears that the western media still has to come to terms with the fact.

It should be noted that if a candidate meeting these criteria, has been indulged in any criminal offence in the past, i.e. if he has a criminal history, in that case too, the company will roll out the post to him. However, such exemption is given by this newspaper in every country and India is not the only nation where this policy is applicable.


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