Douglas James the renowned digital marketing expert, is here to give some expert-approved insights: – The UBJ

Douglas James the renowned digital marketing expert, is here to give some expert-approved insights: – The UBJ


Douglas James is a famous entrepreneur and digital marketing expert in the industry. He is renowned for his online coaching class on digital marketing in order to help all those promising entrepreneurs in the industry.

James before being an entrepreneur was a navy corpsman. On realizing his desire to help people out so they can improve their quality of life. He immediately immersed himself to learn all about digital marketing. His knowledge and experience over the years have led him to help several local entrepreneurs grow in their respective fields through advertisement on Facebook and YouTube. He even provides online coaching to all of those who are in need.

Under his guidance, James has trained more than 2000 entrepreneurs. His marketing strategies have helped several business owners to become successful. He is often called “The high-ticket client guy”. James wishes to help all budding entrepreneur and guide them on how they can successfully acquire, close and retain clients through proper implementation of marketing strategies in order to increase their sales as proof.

According to Douglas, YouTube is a better platform to promote than Facebook. YouTube, in general, is a search engine so people often search, how to solve a problem so if they can advertise the right product in front of the right customer at the right time then the number of buyers can increase as they watch the advertisement. But in the case of Facebook, people scroll down their feed and they cannot be potential buyer if they are not interested in the advertisement. So, the probability of people taking action on the advertisement by the end of the day is more in the case of YouTube than Facebook ads.

On asking what piece of advice, he wants to give out to all the entrepreneur working in the marketing field, Douglas said, “Now we’re in this year, so the video is even more important. So, if you’re not creating video content and selling through video, you’re really losing the game in this current year. So, 100 per cent YouTube ads all the way”.

Douglas James has established himself as one of the best entrepreneurs in the industry who is successfully running an online education company and a marketing agency in a span of a few years.

If you want to connect to Douglas James, you can simply check out his website and social media handles:

Instagram: @the_douglasjames

Twitter: @Douglas_james_




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