Radicals justify lynching of Army man in Gurudwara, claim blasphemy

Radicals justify lynching of Army man in Gurudwara, claim blasphemy


An Army man was lynched to death at a Gurudwara in Gurdaspur, Punjab. Deepak Singh was on his way home from Arunachal Pradesh, where he was posted. Now, a campaign has been launched to defend the accused in the murder of Singh.

Deep Sidhu, a Khalistan sympathiser and accused in the Republic Day Riots, is leading the whitewashing effort. Deep Sidhu implied that the accused Daljit Singh is being falsely implicated by the Police in the matter. He calls Singh a sinner and claims that he died in the custody of the police.

As per reports, the Police somehow managed to rescue the deceased from the mob and took him to the hospital where he died. However, Sidhu appears to invert the issue on its head. He also urges Sikh organisations to take cognizance of the matter.

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Individuals are also accusing Deepak Singh of committing blasphemy in order to defend the accused. One of them says that when such blasphemers are handed over to the police, then others ask why was he handed over, why was he not punished and killed but now that a ‘blasphemer’ had been beaten up and he died, a case has been filed against the (Gurudwara) committee.

He says that Daljit Singh was not present when it happened but even if he were, it was his duty to stand with the committee. He says that Deepak came to commit blasphemy and he did commit blasphemy and he goes to the extent of saying that if the person died after being beaten due to blasphemy, then it was justice.

The individual also claims that the mother of the accused has been picked up by the Police. He asks whether mothers and sisters should be taken to the police station if blasphemers are killed. Other posts show that meetings are being organised in order to defend the accused.

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Another post calls Deepak Singh a ‘sinner’ and claims that Daljit Singh is being falsely implicated in the matter. The post calls for Sikhs to support the accused as well.

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The mob lynching of Army man Deepak Singh

Deepak Singh was lynched to death by a mob at a Gurudwara in Gurdaspur, Punjab on suspicion of theft in the intervening night between the 1st and 2nd of July. According to reports, the incident occurred at the Gurudwara at Tibri Road in Gurdaspur and the mob was led by the manager of the Guruduwara.

Deepak Singh mistakenly got off at the Kahnuwan Chowk. According to reports, his father said that Deepak called him late at night and told him that he was beaten on the suspicion of theft. At this time, the call was cut off and subsequently, his phone was switched off. He had gone to the Gurudwara at around 11 pm in the night to drink water.

Reportedly, the Police somehow managed to rescue Deepak from the situation and admitted him to a hospital. However, he passed away there. According to the father, his son was murdered by Gurjeet Singh and Dalbir Singh among others.


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