Self-proclaimed Lord Vishnu’s Kalki avatar threatens doomsday unless… | viral News

Self-proclaimed Lord Vishnu’s Kalki avatar threatens doomsday unless… | viral News


New Delhi: You do not mess with Gods. And when someone as powerful as Lord Vishnu is involved it’s better to be extra careful. Well, this time the lord wants his gratuity money. What would the Gujarat government do?

Former Gujarat government employee who claims to be Lord Vishnu’s Kalki avatar has threatened to bring a severe drought if his quite worldly demands are not met.

Rameshchandra Fefar, who worked in the state’s Water Resources Department has demanded that his gratuity and one-year salary be released immediately, or else he would use his “divine powers” to bring “severe drought on the earth”.

In his letter dated July 1 addressed to Secretary, Water Resources Department, Fefar stated “demons sitting in the government” are harassing him by withholding his “Rs 16 lakh gratuity and another Rs 16 lakh as the salary of one year”.

“There was not a single drought for even a year in the country. India reaped a profit of Rs 20 lakh crore due to good rainfall over the last twenty years. Despite this, the demons sitting in the government are harassing me. Because of this, I am going to bring severe drought across the globe this year. That is because I am the tenth avatar of Lord Vishnu and I rule the earth in Satyug,” he wrote.

Fefar was granted premature retirement from service due to his long absence from office following his ‘avatar’ claim. He was served a show-cause notice in 2018 for attending the office for only 16 days in eight months.

The secretary of the water department completely disregarded the self-proclaimed avatar’s wishes and went as far ahead as saying that “he is full of nonsense”.

“Fefar is asking for the salary even without attending the office. He insists that he should be paid only because he is an incarnation of ‘Kalki’ and was working to bring rain on earth,” Secretary (Water Resources), MK Jadav was quoted as saying by PTI.

“He is full of nonsense. I have received his letter claiming gratuity and one-year salary. His gratuity is under process. There was an inquiry after he made the claim (of being the Kalki avatar) last time. The government had even approved his premature retirement considering his mental condition as a special case. Normally, a person facing inquiry does not get premature retirement,” Jadav added.

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