TV-style commercials appear in console games

TV-style commercials appear in console games


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There are ads on YouTube and ads on Twitch. And I have ads when playing mobile games, do you know where there are no ads? Console game. And that’s what capitalism wants to change.

So Axios Report, PlayerWON (kill me) is called “the first in-game advertising platform of its kind” (returns me and kills me again), EA and Hi-Rez (Smite) To try Bring TV-style commercials to console games.

Having tested this technology for over a year, they feel ready to implement it. The idea is In addition to sending videos in the middle of the game, players will be able to show ads when the server detects it. The commercial was seen as a whole. “Release rewards to players.“

You can have a little reward. As a treat.

This technology is licensed to the developer and can be implemented in the game itself (such as the system menu screen, unlike the ads already displayed on the console). They say that young people “code cutters” cannot be reached by traditional cheap marketing, but only by branded content transactions (such as sneakers and clothing). NBA 2K, Or cup noodles Final Fantasy).

This is expensive, so advertising companies will prefer something easier and cheaper. like this.

Testing is done internally Smite For about a year, and the findings are probably as bad as you’d expect:

Data from one of Simulmedia’s pilot campaigns using Smite, Tencent’s Hi-Rez Studios F2P multiplayer battle arena game, is far more likely for players to play the game and spend money in-game ( 22%). They saw in-game ads that provided access to more game perks.

As a result, playerWON said, “By the end of the year, we plan to launch in-game advertising in about 12 more games.“

TV-style commercials appear in console games

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