Why one startup tech company is hiring on skill and personality – Tampa, Florida

Why one startup tech company is hiring on skill and personality – Tampa, Florida


TAMPA, l Fla. — Not many companies offer opportunities to future employees with little or no experience. But Solution Publishing, a tech startup launched in March, says the benefits outweigh the risks.

Byron Crowell founded Solution Publishing a few years ago. However, he reopened the company to be more competitive and chose Tampa as his home base.

“I want to build a culture here,” Crouwel said. “We’re a startup environment, so we’re trying to build rather than buy the people we bring in to provide ballast to the company.”

Crouwel is from Tampa, but he decided to return after working in the west for the past 20 years and spending time in Silicon Valley and other parts of California.

“What’s new is that in our case we have a new company that is in the hands of really young people. It’s a trust factor that, I think, is a unique hit. . Many. ” “We have an internship program, a paid internship program. We are looking for kids to graduate from college. It may not be over yet. We brought them and we Teach them from the beginning how to do what they are doing and invest in them. Train them and give them continuing education. “

Crouwel wants only the best and the best. And his process of finding them is not easy. He tells ABC Action News reporter Michael Paulska that a solid resume is essential. But he wants to see their personality. Therefore, each intern’s position (which can lead to a full-time job) requires a two-minute video introduction.

“If you take someone’s video interview, take someone’s resume and put them side by side, there’s clearly no comparison,” said Chief Human Resources Officer Audra Kona. “You can have all the credentials at the end of your name all day long, and you can still be the most difficult person to talk to.”

Kona hired Rohan Kori as an intern. A 22-year-old USF student will graduate in the coming months and can’t believe he’s currently in a full-time position.

“The chance sounded very cool,” Kori said. “All the pressure and learning, and everything was piled up. It’s like what I was looking for.”

Kori became a lead generation coordinator from an intern a few weeks ago.

“They definitely seized the opportunity. It was a big opportunity for me,” Kori said. “I’m sure I’m a little scared. I’m grateful for the opportunity. Every day is a new day. Every day is a game day. It’s crazy that something new happens. It’s fun, it’s fun, I’m sure I love it. . “”

Crouwel wants to hire two more internships. He launched a new company in March and has begun to move steadily.They have Video series and podcasts Emphasize their office culture. And Crouwel says Tampa is where it should be.

“Here in Tampa Bay, we have great talent and lots of great kids graduating from school. They are very smart and just looking for a cool place to work,” Crouwel said. “You know that there is nothing better for the company in terms of hiring costs. I don’t know if this internship program can be implemented in California because the nature of the environment is quite different.”

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