YouTuber Madan Gowri’s ‘Kokru’ offers ad-free news

YouTuber Madan Gowri’s ‘Kokru’ offers ad-free news


“Kokru lets you personalise your feed, according to your choice and a ‘save for later’ bookmark option as well,” explains Madan.

When talking about current affairs, it’s not easy to keep your audience engaged unless you break down the complex subject into simpler words, YouTuber Madan Gowri understood this very early on.

When he took up YouTube in 2013 putting out explainers on trends in science, philosophy, conspiracy theories, history, politics and humanitarian issues, what clicked with the audience is the simple and no nonsense style of his narration. He dived into topics as like UFO sightings, menstruation, homosexuality, coronavirus, mystery cases to WhatsApp privacy rules, he speaks in a lucid way that doesn’t let the viewer snooze midway.

Cut to 2020, when he was scouting different news platforms to get updates from across the globe, he was greeted with loads of ads. Not liking the clutter he saw, he decided to launch his news app ‘Kokru’ that gave the news to a reader in a straight manner without any ads blocking their way.

YouTuber Madan Gowri

“Kokru offers ‘ad-free’ news along with ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ options for articles. Kokru lets you personalise your feed, according to your choice and a ‘save for later’ bookmark option as well,” explains Madan. To curate the news, he’s got several news aggregators for six different languages for the app. “The team goes through millions of topical news articles from around the globe and updates them for the audience in a single line. We also give links to the source article to the readers who want to read more,” adds Madan. In the current infodemic one is living in, he believes fake information is as bad as the virus.

“The videos I make are more inclined towards friendly yet informative talks amongst friends. I always tend to surprise and share unique facts about various topics with my audience to keep them informed and entertained,” says Madan who boasts 5.6 million subscribers on YouTube. With millions of followers depending on his veracity, he is dead set against the idea of paid followers.

“I believe that a random number represents nothing. As long as one cares about a higher number of following as an esteemed point, the authenticity of a digital presence gets lost. I think actual influence is what matters. Have a set frequency for content,” says Madan.

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