‘co-open’ Takes You on Your First Shopping Trip Alone

‘co-open’ Takes You on Your First Shopping Trip Alone


co-open sees you sent to the grocery store to pick up some stuff all by yourself. Now, whether you should be trusted to do that is up to you.

Well, you’ve got money, responsibilities, and freedom on your hands for the first time. You can use that time to be super trustworthy, carefully checking out the products on the store shelves to make sure you get what you need. You can even call your grandma if you’re not sure on something. Everything’s pretty clearly labeled, so it shouldn’t be too hard. Although the store might not have what you want. Worse, it may have something tempting that you definitely want, but aren’t supposed to get. What if you skimmed a little money to get yourself a treat? Or a treat for the store cats? Would you get caught?

That’s assuming you don’t get completely sidetracked by the wealth of freedom you have. You can easily lose time talking to folks in the area, getting to know some cool skaters and giant crows. Maybe take part in a rooftop drawing class. There’s a lot going on in the city when you find yourself free to check out whatever’s going on. Lots of interesting folks to chat with, too. Isn’t getting to know your neighbors a bit more important than coming home with a couple of ingredients when you really get down to it.

No matter what you do, eventually grandma will come to pick you up. What will she think of the time you spent throughout co-open?

co-open is available now on itch.io.


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