Health Ministry did not have contracts with service providers

Health Ministry did not have contracts with service providers


The Health Ministry did not have contracts with service providers, the Auditor-General’s 2019 Audit Report on Social Services Sector that was tabled in Parliament recently stated.

The Office of the Auditor-General said there was no contract with the laundry service provider for the Colonial War Memorial Hospital.

“Payments made to the laundry services from June 2019 to October 2020 totalled $814,228,” the report said.

The ministry also did not have a contract with a bio-medical supplier which was paid $330,000 for the supply of six operating theatre lights with steel brackets for the Lautoka Hospital.

“It was noted that these payments were made in the absence of a written contract agreement.”

Auditors also found $3.8 million was paid to a supplier of oxygen and medical air in 2019.

“We noted that there was no written contract agreement established with the supplier of oxygen and medical air.

“The ministry on 21/06/2019 paid the same vendor $129,722 for the temporary relocation and permanent infrastructure upgrade of medical oxygen main as part of the CWM maternity extension & upgrading project. As of 21/06/20, the company is yet to provide upgraded appropriate sized tank to the ministry.”

The OAG recommended the ministry ensure that contract agreements were established between the ministry and the service providers before payments are made.

The ministry said contract agreement with the service provider would be signed under new tender.

“The ministry will ensure that tender board approval is sought for the procurement.”


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