Jalgaon Government medical college & hospital starts preparing for third wave | Nashik News

Jalgaon Government medical college & hospital starts preparing for third wave | Nashik News


NASHIK: Given the predictions of the third wave of Covid in the future, which is likely to affect children more, Jalgaon Government Medical College & Hospital (GMCH) has started preparations to deal with any surge in Covid cases among minors.
Jalgaon GMCH has handled bulk of the Covid patients in Jalgaon efficiently, along with patients coming from neighbouring districts and states, during the two waves.
Jaiprakash Ramanand, the dean of Jalgaon GMCH, told TOI that the GMCH has started putting in place a series of measures to treat children, including including the new born, in case they contract Covid in the third wave.
“We have completed a three-day extensive training of all our 250 nursing staff in treating children suffering from Covid. Unlike adult Covid patients, children need to be handled very carefully. They have been trained how to administer injections, check temperature etc,” he said
The hospital authorities are now in the process of shortlisting 50 nurses of the 250, who would further be trained in handling paediatric patients admitted in ICU.
“We have also purchased 10 paediatric ventilators, which will be used if needed. We also have 18 warmers that can be used in case the need arises,” said the dean.
According to him, the GMCH has 15 beds at its paediatric ward, which will be initially used to treat children suffering from Covid. “In case paediatric cases rise, we shall make use of our burn ward, which has 18 beds and the postnatal ward comprising 39 beds. We can further ramp up our paediatric ward in case there is a need,” he said.
The Jalgaon GMCH, which has a medical oxygen tank with a capacity of 20 MT, is in the process of setting up two more oxygen generation plants using the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology. Both the plants will produce oxygen over 23 litres/minute. “One PSA plant is being provided by the Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO) and the other one is being funded by the district planning and development council (DPDC), he said.


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