Ad of the Day: TfL welcomes commuters as ‘Freedom Day’ dawns

Ad of the Day: TfL welcomes commuters as ‘Freedom Day’ dawns


Transport for London (TfL) and VCCP have instigated a welcome back campaign to encourage travelers to get moving once again as ‘Freedom Day’ dawns.

With Covid restrictions now largely relaxed, officials are gearing up for increased volumes of commuters and leisure travelers as a degree of normality returns to the capital’s transport network.

‘Welcome back. Tube it. Bus it. Train it.’ invites passengers back on board packed carriages to resume activities and visit destinations that have been out of bounds for over a year. Communicated in a hero film directed by Simon Ratigan, this shows real passengers using the network to represent the reality of travel as authentically as possible.

To mark the occasion, iconic signage roundels have been reworked to communicate the resumption of regular services with phrases such as ‘going out-out’, ‘drinks after work’ and ‘family days out’ to encourage people to embrace old habits. This messaging will be further reinforced with station takeovers and posters, escalator panels and screens.

To further seed the spirit of adventure, Time Out has partnered with TfL to produce a digital culture map of the capital to highlight the wealth of places and activities to be found in close proximity to a station.

Miranda Leedham, head of customer marketing and behavior change at TfL, said: “When VCCP first showed us this campaign as part of their pitch presentation, we were delighted to see our network, our most recognizable branding devices and our role as the facilitator of London life all brought to life in such a charming way. We hope that this campaign will welcome Londoners back and motivate them to get back to living life again to their fullest.”

Simon Learman, creative director at VCCP, added: “We’ve used the much-loved, iconic signage across the campaign to remind people of the role of TfL in their daily lives and what makes London so unique.”

The fully-integrated campaign will run until the end of September across TV, video on demand, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Over the course of the pandemic TfL has seen its advertising revenues collapse by £100m as grounded passengers shunned public transport.

You can view the campaign in full by clicking on the box below. To get in touch about Ad of the Day, please email [email protected].

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