Custom Software Development Company,, Now Collects Cryptocurrency as Payment for Services

[ad_1] (, a software development company with offices in Washington, Florida, Arkansas and India, joins the growing list of successful businesses that accept digital currency as payment for services rendered. joins the likes of , Expedia , NewEgg ,, and Time Inc . in advancing a sustainable model that supports companies accepting Bitcoin through the ability to immediately convert any received Bitcoin and Ethereum into United States Dollars using Coinbase’s Instant Exchange .

Cryptocurrency is growing in popularity, and is tapping right into this market. The software development company is not only accepting cryptocurrency payments for its services but also offering three levels of pricing to accommodate for different cryptocurrencies, starting with Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Company founder, Nate Nead, commented in an announcement on the company website:

“We are excited to join the growing list of companies who are using digital currency as a medium of exchange for services rendered. Because several of our growing client projects involve direct development into distributed ledger technology (DLT), we thought it would only be fitting to begin collecting payment from clients in the form of ETH or BTC.”

With a focus on custom software development for web and mobile, including contract software staffing services ( for middle-market and Fortune 1000 companies alike, continues to see strong and growing opportunities in blockchain and related technologies.

“We continue to work with numerous clients in developing applications that either directly involve distributed ledger technologies or tie into them in some way. We currently only see growth in this growing and exciting arena,” Nead says.

Existing clients can begin paying engagement, consulting and retainer fees via ETH and BTC by getting in touch with their account rep.

About is a custom software development company that partners with Fortune 1000 companies across North America to set new industry standards, drive revenue growth, increase profits and enhance customer experiences. is also a leading custom software development firm focused on developing on the blockchain (, including distributed applications (Dapps), smart contracts and NFTs (non-fungible tokens). seeks to help level the playing field by bringing opportunities to startups with innovative solutions first, and allowing them to succeed at scale.

The company has built a record of success that began in 2008 and includes enterprise-class software development for the top brands in the world including Staples and Pepsico.


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