Afzal poses as ‘Golu’ to trap minor girl on Instagram, arrested

Afzal poses as ‘Golu’ to trap minor girl on Instagram, arrested


Yet another case of Grooming Jihad involving a minor has come to the fore in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore. Afzal (24) created a fake profile on Instagram under the name ‘Golu’ to befriend a minor. 

Afzal aka Golu introduced himself to the minor as a businessman dealing in coolers and freezers. Trapping her in his bogus story, he persuaded the 15-year-old teenager to elope with him. The girl agreed to flee just because Afzal professed that he does not consume intoxicants. 

The minor fled her home on July 13 after which a complaint was registered at the Rajendranagar police station by her family. Station in-charge Amrita Solanki confirmed the same and informed that the girl sneaked back into her home on the night of July 17 to collect her documents. That is when her parents caught her and she confessed to fleeing with Golu who she met on Instagram six months ago and was in love with.

She also revealed that she used to frequent Afzal’s home and that the two had developed a physical relationship. During the police investigation, Golu confessed that his real name was Afzal and he worked as a welder.

On Monday, Afzal was handed over to the police after which a case has been registered against him under the POCSO Act and Religious Freedom Act 2021. 

More cases of Grooming Jihad against minors

The cases of Grooming Jihad against minors especially by making use of social media platforms are on a rise. We reported yesterday how a man named Shahzad had committed grooming jihad against a minor in Uttar Pradesh. The victim’s father accused Shahzad of entrapping his minor daughter 3.5 years ago. 

Although the accused was married and had a daughter, he sexually exploited the victim under the pretext of marriage. According to the girl’s father, the victim was also raped by two others namely Sameer and Jannat. When the minor girl became pregnant, Shahzad had allegedly refused responsibility.

In a case from early this month, a man identified as Qasim Qureshi had reportedly lured a 16-year-old girl by identifying himself as Vicky Yadav. He brainwashed the minor victim, converted her and married. The victim is now pregnant.

In yet another case of Grooming Jihad, a youth named Atif posed as a Hindu by using a Hindu name to befriend a minor Hindu girl on social media in the Bhadohi district of Uttar Pradesh. Filing the complaint at the Gopiganj police station, the family of the minor girl has accused Atif of entrapping the minor girl into a love affair by posing as a Hindu, then establishing physical relations with her. 

The family said that Atif then allegedly took compromising photographs with her which he used to blackmail her to force her to convert to Islam.


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