Explained – How to file Income Tax Return online without Form 16 | Personal Finance News

Explained – How to file Income Tax Return online without Form 16 | Personal Finance News


New Delhi: For every salaried individual, FORM 16 is one of the most documents that takes care of the taxable income and TDS components. Thought every employer mandatorily provides a Form 16 to its employees, it many so happen in some rare case that the employee might not have got the IT form. However, even if the employee has not received FORM 16, he/she can still e-file the Income Tax returns.

You can file your ITR on based on the following points: (Also read — ITR Filing: Income Tax department allows manual filing of THESE tax forms for your ease)

Check details on pay slip

Check your salary slip for the entire financial year that you are filing your ITR for. Your salary slip will contain details of your in hand salary, gross salary, and other details on PF, medi-claim, TDS deductions.

Refer to Form Form 26AS

Refer Form 26AS for tax deduction details and match it with your pay slip.

Allowances and other deduction

Many salaried employees also get a part of their salary as allowances viz HRA, LTA, education allowance, entertainment, conveyance allowances. While filling the ITR, compute the taxation after factoring in the allowance part.

Income source

While filing the ITR, show income that you might have generated from other sources like on housing rent, show interest on housing loan, money received from other business, tax deductible mutual funds and capital gains if any.

Net Taxable Income

Based on all the tax components that you are liable to pay, calculate your net Taxable Income. Once you have completed the process of computing all the taxation liability, wait till it is shown in Form 26AS and if your liability matches with the tax paid by you, then you can e-file your ITR.

(Disclaimer: This is only a suggestive list and is not indicative of any professional tax assessment. Please consult with your CA or professional tax consultant before filing your returns.)

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