All 12 Far Cry games, ranked from worst to best

All 12 Far Cry games, ranked from worst to best


Far Cry is one of the most popular and enduring first-person shooter (FPS) franchises in all of gaming. Since 2004, the series has taken players to exotic locales where they must survive against all odds. The open world environments never fail to impress, and the open-ended gameplay ensures no two players have the same experience. Few series have the storied reputation of Far Cry.

Since Far Cry 6 is on the way, now is the perfect time to look back on Ubisoft’s beloved series. More specifically, to rank the entire franchise. This is no mean feat considering how there are hardly any duds in the whole catalog. Still, it’s worthwhile examining the series to determine which titles rise above the rest.

Here’s every Far Cry game ranked from from worst to best.

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Far Cry Vengeance


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