Watch video of Nitin Gupta ‘Rivaldo’ talking about forced conversions

Watch video of Nitin Gupta ‘Rivaldo’ talking about forced conversions


The second part of comedian Nitin Gupta’s exclusive video for OpIndia starts with a quote by Swami Vivekanand that reads, “Every step forward was made with the Quran in one hand and sword in another! Take the Quran or you must die. There is no alternative!” After an alarming video unravelling the modus operandi of forceful conversions of minor girls, Gupta in his second video highlights the same pattern being used to oppress and convert the Dalit community.

To highlight the gravity of the situation, the video begins with video snippets of adults from Nurpur who can be heard saying they were forced to either convert or flee from their homes. One can only imagine the pressure tactics used on minors.

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Nitin Gupta’s exclusive video for OpIndia on forced conversions

Laced with sarcasm, Gupta also unearthed how kidnapping, conversions, sex slavery and rape are justified by the accused on several accounts. This is where he also stressed on the power of ‘local majority’ vis a vis a ‘national majority’. 

Mocking the ‘dar ka mahol hai’ propaganda, Gupta highlighted the Islamic methodology of when in minority preach ‘Ganga-Jamuna’ tehzeeb and when in majority adopt ‘Nizaam-e-Mustafa’. 

Gupta also rebutted claims of “Brahman oppression the cause of conversion” by citing examples of forceful conversions by Islam all over the globe where the Hindu community has no role to play. 

OpIndia has been actively covering the cases of Love Jihad, Grooming Jihad, kidnapping and forceful conversions of Hindu and Sikh girls. To read about these cases, click here


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