Content Engagement Solutions for B2B, Q3 2021 Report by Independent Research Firm

Content Engagement Solutions for B2B, Q3 2021 Report by Independent Research Firm


Brandcast cited in Interactive Content Studio Functionality Segment for B2B customer-facing teams.

SAN FRANCISCO, July 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Brandcast—the first no-code digital customer experience platform—announced today that they’ve been included in Forrester’s recent report: New Tech: Content Engagement Solutions For B2B, Q3 2021. Brandcast is cited in the Interactive Content Studio functionality segment of this new report.

Brandcast Logo

Brandcast Logo

“Brandcast’s inclusion in this Forrester report aligns with our mission is to transform the way companies create customer experiences for a digital-first world,” said Kristina Valkanoff, Brandcast’s Chief Customer Officer. “We believe that every customer-facing business team needs powerful, yet easy-to-use content creation tools. Brandcast takes the pain out of creating interactive digital experiences.”

B2B enterprise sellers and marketers are searching for new ways to engage customers and convert sales in an increasingly digital business landscape. Written by Laura Ramos, Forrester VP and principal analyst, New Tech: Content Engagement Solutions For B2B highlights important technologies that “promise customer-facing B2B teams more engaged buyer interactions and more effective sales conversions.”

Ramos writes that “content has become the primary tool that companies must use to create dialogue with prospects and cultivate relationships with customers online, and that content must be relevant, valuable, and interactive to win buyers’ attention and draw them into conversation.”

According to Forrester, established vendors are focused on content management, not engagement, and have yet to make investments or acquisitions in the sales content solutions or content marketing platform technology categories, where content activation and tracking are higher-ranking requirements.

Our key takeaways of the report include:

Personalization adds relevance and lets buyers make their own choices. Buyers are more likely to engage with content that is relevant and valuable. There’s a demand for intuitive user interfaces that allow prospects to easily navigate their own journey.

Virtual conversations are fueled by interactive technologies. Personalized video, 3D tours, and dynamic, mobile-responsive presentations effectively engage buyers across space and time. But sellers and marketers are just beginning to leverage new, highly interactive technologies.

Activating and monitoring content helps sellers and marketers answer key questions. Content is most valuable when it’s backed by granular, personal data. Detailed engagement tracking collects individual data and empowers business teams to deliver the right content at the right time. Knowing exactly who’s interacting with their content and when lets sellers and marketers take action and drive revenue.

Accelerating demand has influenced VC investment. Content Engagement Solutions are seeing both increased demand and increased funding from Venture Capital.

“The COVID-19 pandemic forced sellers of all types to adopt digital technology and find new ways to reach remote buyers. Content engagement solutions saw a strong uptick in business interest and sales during 2020 as a result, along with a sharp turn upward in VC funding during the first four months of 2021.” – Forrester Research Inc.*

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Access the Forrester report, “New Tech: Content Engagement Solutions For B2B, Q3 2021” (client login required).

About Brandcast:

Brandcast is the first no-code digital customer experience platform for enterprise. Funded by Marc Benioff, founder and CEO of Salesforce, Brandcast is designed to transform the way global brands create personalized digital experiences for every stage of the customer journey. With Brandcast, digital transformation becomes real—where it counts the most, happens the fastest, and delivers the highest ROI—by engaging customers with moments that feel alive.

*Source: Laura Ramos, “New Tech: Content Engagement Solutions For B2B, Q3 2021,” Caroline Robertson, Jennifer Zhang, and Kara Hartig,, July 19, 2021. Available to Forrester subscribers or for purchase.

Kristina Valkanoff
Chief Customer Officer
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