Do This When Mobile Menu, Search Icon Etc. Don’t Work In WordPress

Do This When Mobile Menu, Search Icon Etc. Don’t Work In WordPress


I once used OceanWp and even wrote about how the hamburger (☰) menu, search icon and drop-down sub-menu on mobile, etc. were not working properly in it.

Now on the WordPress forum, every new user is facing this problem.

Whenever they try to click on their navigation menu or header menu in the mobile version of their site, no matter what OS they are on-

It doesn’t work.

It simply shows a /# at the end of the site URL.

One user even asked is there any possible fix that’s working for all or not.

Yes, there is.

If you’re also facing the same issue after switching to WordPress themes like:

Themify, Avada Etc., then below are a few things that might be causing this issue on your site.

And I’ll help you fix that.

Let’s get started.

Cause Of Mobile Menu & Search Icon Error

The mobile menu, submenu items, and search icons, all of the three elements on your website work with the help of javascript and are given styles by CSS.

If the page on your website is unable to load javascript, your mobile menu and search icon won’t load.

This can also happen when your page is showing a static page due to an error in your cache file. In this case, also, the javascript will not load.

Many plugins do optimize CSS delivery, compress javascript files and minify HTML. This also causes some elements including a responsive menu and searches to stop working on your website.

Now you know about the cause of the error, let us find some possible solutions to fix this.

1. Disable Cache & Speed Optimization Plugins

I found speed optimization plugins like Autoptimize, Async javascript, HummingBird, WP Speed of light and Fast velocity minify are common among all those websites which have this error, including mine.

WordPress Cache plugins like WP Super Cache, W3 total cache, Litespeed cache and WP Rocket are too responsible for this. However, WP rocket doesn’t show any error when you do not turn its minify options on.

All you have to do is disable any speed optimization or cache plugin(s) if you have them on your website and mobile menu and the search icon will start working.

2. Uninstall Any Other Themes Installed

I’ve also experienced that the search icon wasn’t working when I installed Genesis framework. At first, Genesis wasn’t even installing at all but after disabling OceanWP, it did.

When I installed Astra and activated it keeping Genesis deactivated but still installed in the backend, The mobile menu and search icon both didn’t work.

I then discovered after uninstalling genesis and another theme I had installed, it went normally.

So, uninstalling any theme rather than the one in which the issue was occurring will help you solve this problem.

3. Check Your Browser Cache & Script Loading Options

It might also happen that you’ve disabled loading javascript on your browser. Check into the setting of chrome, Microsoft Edge or Safari to see if it is enabled to load-scripts.

Clear your browser cache and reload your page to see if it works.

Press CTRL+H to open history in chrome and click on clear browsing data. Open Safari in Mac and select clear history and website data or simply select cache data.

Also, disable any of the extensions you might have one by one to check which particular extension is responsible to cause this error.

Some More Possible Reasons…

You might have recently installed a new plugin that may cause this conflict. It could be any plugin like page builder add-ons, SEO plugins, internal linking automation plugins etc.

Any plugin that affects the front end of your website can cause this problem.

The only way you will be able to know what’s the reason behind it is by disabling all of your plugins one by one until you find the main culprit. Most probably it will be one of those plugins that work on the front end of your blog.

I hope you’ve got the solution to this error.  I saw this in OceanWP, but it has been reported for other themes too including Astra, Avada and Generatepress and this solution will correct all of them.

You should also read my post on what to do when wp-admin redirects, refreshes, or gives 404. Share this post to let other WordPress users know how to get rid of this problem.

If still, you face this error, there may be some other internal fault and in such case, you can hire some from Fiverr to look into the issue for you.


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