‘ENDLESS SCROLL’ – A Journey Through High School Memories

‘ENDLESS SCROLL’ – A Journey Through High School Memories


ENDLESS SCROLL is a time spent scrolling through memories with a friend, recalling  unpleasant times and what they mean.

In this narrative experience, our memories are stirred up by late night talks and the unfortunate monuments many of us have constructed to our past lives through social media. Having a record of those high school days can be sweet or unpleasant, depending on how you felt at the time. Either way, perhaps they stir up thoughts on what you did or didn’t do during those days. People you hurt or helped through carelessness, or in trying to keep your own all-important reputation safe.

Capturing that idle chat that turns to thoughts of deeper meanings that come from those late night talks with good friends, the game sees you working through some of those times in your childhood. You have a few decisions to make along the way, setting up how it all plays out so its meaning may skew closer to your own experience. Maybe a little too closely, as, like the scroll our character is doing through social media, our own experience with the game may cause some memories to rise, unbidden. I can’t think of much of anyone who isn’t carrying some trauma from their high school days, though.

ENDLESS SCROLL is a brief, but impactful snapshot of our memories of past mistakes and what they mean for us now. And that maybe having these annual reminders of past pain maybe isn’t the best idea. Although examining those mistakes and how we can be better now is something we all might want to do more of.

ENDLESS SCROLL is playable now on itch.io.


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