How Allan Miles is Redefining Lead Gen Using Organic Methods Today

How Allan Miles is Redefining Lead Gen Using Organic Methods Today


(YorkPedia Editorial):- Gloucester, Glocestershire Jul 21, 2021 ( – Lead generation is an essential part of any growing or thriving business, regarded as the means by which new, paying customers first locate and then invest in the brand. Without lead generation, the best brand or business concept in the world could remain stagnant, since no new consumers would be learning about its existence or offering.


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While we all do nearly everything in our lives through the internet today, thanks to technology, as well as the pandemic, lead generation is the very lifeline of a business. Yet, as more people than ever before using social media, email, etc. to find their favorite brands, they are expecting a more authentic and genuine experience – one they are not receiving in real-life with closed-down stores.


Authenticity is Key Today

What once worked in the world of an online lead generation no longer works today, and no one understands that better than business mogul and online coach: Allan Miles. Owner of the lead generation and outsourcing platform, Allan Miles, Allan works with his clients to provide a natural and authentic engagement approach to lead generation. As a result, the brands he works with end up long-time clients since the Allan Miles team is able to replicate a natural experience for customers.


“We understand the nature of the online world today, as we work to create a pipeline of conversations for our clients,” said Allan. “We use a range of engagement types that best align with the brand’s true voice, so their customers have no idea they are using outside help to improve their online interactions.”


Allan’s team starts with content engagement, working to create unique, engaging content while also interacting with stories, posts, comments, and likes on social media sites. They work with clients to help them administer strategies that naturally create engagement with the audience. 


At the same time, Allan’s team directly interacts with the audience through comments and direct messages, by making sure any given brand appears active and responsive to its clientele on a weekly basis. 


“This further builds the pipeline through consistent follow-up, while also conditioning the algorithm and showing the brand to everyone in that particular user-base,” said Allan. “We don’t just stop there, either; we also leverage the power of community through online chats, groups, and forums, where we create an entire brand experience using the internet.”


Rounding it Out with Cold Engagement

Allan’s team finishes it off with cold engagement through email, data, and calls, rounding out the entire lead generation process so that his clients witness the best possible results.


Allan Miles is focused on selling using a value-based sales method, without the hard sell. The team prioritizes leaving clients in a better place than when they first found them, with growth, scalability, and massive lead generation changes at their disposal. This enables Allan’s team to become long-term partners with their clients, while they go above and beyond to learn about the details and nuances of what that particular brand needs to be successful. 


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