Google invites users for Android Auto beta testing, here’s how to join | Technology News

Google invites users for Android Auto beta testing, here’s how to join | Technology News


New Delhi: Google has started allowing more users to the beta testing of its Android Auto beta programme. Users are required to test and provide feedback on the latest and upcoming features offered by the tech giant for its yet-to-be-launched Android Auto service. 

In a blog post published by Google, the company said that beta testers will help in improving the product prior to its launch. “As a beta tester, you can help us build a better version of Android Auto. You can test how well new features work with your specific phone and vehicle in your part of the world.  When you share your feedback, we’ll use it to help plan improvements for future releases,” Google said. 

Previously, Google had opened the testing of Android Auto for select users, which meant that most users were not able to take join the beta testing. Users were shown error messages, signalling that all slots for Android Auto are currently full and that users will have to wait for a little more to finally access the tech. Also Read: SBI Customers Alert! You need to follow THIS for online banking access on YONO

However, more users can now easily join the beta testing programme. All you need is an Android smartphone to start testing the app. Here’s how to enrol yourself to Android Auto’s beta testing: 

1. Go to the opt-in page to beta test Android Auto by clicking here.
2. Now select the Become a tester option. 
3. Finally, go to the Google Play store and update your Android Auto app to the beta version.

It is important to note that during beta testing, apps may crash and can become unstable at times. “Beta testing versions can be less stable and some features might not work properly,” Google said. Also Read: Gold Price Today, 23 July 2021: Gold trading cheaper by Rs 8700 from record highs, right time to buy?


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