Model Sagarika Shona says nearly 30 are involved in Raj Kundra scandal

Model Sagarika Shona says nearly 30 are involved in Raj Kundra scandal


Model Sagarika Shona Suman has made stunning allegations against Raj Kundra, husband to Shilpa Shetty, who is currently involved in a pornography scandal. Sagarika Shona has claimed Umesh Kamat, Raj Kundra’s former personal assistant, demanded that she get naked during an audition.

“He told me I have to audition online, and I was ready for it because during the lockdown all auditions were happening online. When the audition started, he demanded I take my clothes off and that is when I refused to go ahead,” said Sagarika.

According to Sagarika, there were three individuals on the other end of the call and one of them she figures was Raj Kundra. She stated, “I am not sure if he was Raj, his face was covered with a mask, however, the figure and the body structure did look like him. It was Umesh Kamat who asked me to strip and pose nude on the video call.”

She is discussing the future course of action with her lawyers. Sagarika Shona said that there were others who were involved in the pornography racket. According to her, they were not victims but active participants.

“There are many more people who are making porn films. There are nearly 30 others who are not just victims, but they are a part of the Kundra-led porn racket. These actors are actively promoting and shooting porn and then sharing uncut clips on their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts, which in turn drive huge traffic to apps like HotShots and HotHits. These people should also be arrested, and their roles probed by the police,” she stated.

The model has said that following her allegations against Kundra, she has been receiving threatening calls and also vulgar and abusive calls. “I am disturbed and depressed because I am getting calls from different online platforms. They are threatening me. I am getting threats of death and rape. People are calling me from different numbers and asking me what wrong has Raj Kundra done,” she stated.

She said, “They are threatening me and accusing me of shutting down their business. They even said that you people watch porn films that’s why we are making it.”

The model first made the allegations in February 2021, months before the pornography racket broke out in the open. She had said, “This happened in August during the lockdown. I got a call from Umesh Kamat. They told me that they are making a huge web series, which is owned by Raj Kundra. He said that together with us you will get a very big hike. He told that the web series is based on love stories. I accepted the offer. He then said that he would take the audition on a video call. When the turn came for the audition, he demanded a nude audition from me.”

The case against Raj Kundra

On Monday, the British-Indian businessman and husband of Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty – Raj Kundra was arrested by the Mumbai Police on charges of creating pornographic films and publishing them through mobile apps.

According to reports, Raj Kundra is accused of being a key conspirator in creating and published pornographic content online. The Mumbai Police officials investigating the porn film racket case involving Raj Kundra have alleged that he has made over 100 porn movies in the last one-and-a-half-year.

The Crime branch officials said they have recovered “huge data” of porn movies, running into terabytes (TB) during their raids at Raj Kundra’s office in Andheri West, Mumbai. The police have also seized the server and devices allegedly used to store this data. At least 70 adult movies have been recovered from the server.

The Mumbai officials alleged that Raj Kundra entered the porn industry in August 2019 and earned crores through them. The arrest of Raj Kundra comes months after Mumbai Police had initiated a coordinated probe into the porn film racket case. The case is under investigation since the beginning of this year.


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