Dr Tara, household name in East Delhi for his human touch, dies of Covid

Dr Tara, household name in East Delhi for his human touch, dies of Covid


After a two-month battle against Covid, Dr Pradeep Tara, a household name in East Delhi’s Mayur Vihar, died on Friday.

A general physician and chest specialist, Dr Tara set up his practice in Mayur Vihar in the 1980s, and went on to become one of the most well-known doctors in the area. He was admitted to the Indian Spinal Injuries Centre with Covid-related complications in May and died on Friday. He was in his mid-sixties.

“He was very well-known in all of East Delhi in fact. His patients remember him because of how sweet-spoken he was. He was also very intelligent and made it a point to stay up to date with developments in the profession. Lively and affectionate, he was popular in his social circle as well. He played tennis every day and we would swim together… He fought against Covid for two long months, and it was his strong will power which let him do so. He fought till the last day,” said Dr Dinesh Sahai, Dr Tara’s friend and a paediatrician based in Mayur Vihar.

His patients say that he was distinguished by his low-medication approach.

“I had been consulting Dr Tara for general health issues for several years. He had also been occasionally treating my elderly father who primarily lived in Dehradun. Last year, my father came to live with me during the lockdown. He had found it very difficult to access treatment back home. Dr Tara immediately put him at ease, treated him with patience and humanity, which really made a difference to him. He also altered treatment plans and provided palliative care which made his last few months much better. Apart from being a very good doctor, Dr Tara was totally a non-alarmist, and calmed patients with his demeanor,” said Dr Tanuja Kothiyal, who teaches at Ambedkar University.


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