Gujarat: Only 28 Pressure Swing Adsorption Oxygen plants commissioned | Ahmedabad News

Gujarat: Only 28 Pressure Swing Adsorption Oxygen plants commissioned | Ahmedabad News


AHMEDABAD: Shortage of oxygen was one of the critical infrastructural challenges that Covid patients battled during the second wave of Covid19, leaving many frantically calling for help and resources. As the state prepares for the third wave of the pandemic, data tabled in the Parliament suggests that till July 20 in Gujarat, just 16 PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) Oxygen plants have been commissioned out of the 59 sanctioned by the Union ministry of health and family welfare. However, when queried, state health authorities claimed that some 28 of these plants have been installed and commissioned.
Jaiprakash Shivahare, state health secretary, said, “Some 59 PSA oxygen plants have been approved by the state government of which we have already commissioned some 28, as on date. These plants are located in different districts across Gujarat. We expect to install and commission the rest of them by the second week of August itself. Every single day, a few plants are being completed, as its part of ongoing activity.” State health authorities confirmed that they’re aiming at setting up at least 350 PSA oxygen manufacturing plants across Gujarat, as part of the third wave preparedness. Ensuring Oxygen supply was one of the key challenges during the second wave as the daily oxygen requirement in the state nearly in ten days of April.

“We are looking at setting up a manufacturing capacity of some 300 metric tonne (MT) per day. Over and above the 59 plants which are commissioned by the Union government, some 58 more plants are also being set up with financial assistance from Gujarat CSR Authority. That apart, some seven more are also being set up through donations from industries and more will come up,” Shivahare further added.
Currently, the total oxygen manufacturing capacity in Gujarat is 1,100 metric tonnes per day, a majority of which is diverted towards industrial consumption. In routine times, the medical consumption of oxygen is barely 50MT in a day.
“With the additional capacity, the state’s oxygen manufacturing capacity will go upto 1,400MT,” Shivahare added.
The additional capacity of 300 MT per day will be over and above the existing oxygen manufacturing capacity in the state.
The average daily consumption of oxygen in the second wave of Covid19 infections was at 842.4MT per day from April 1 to May 29/ 2021, according to data provided by Food and Drug Control Administration (FDCA) – Gujarat. When cases peaked, the highest single day consumption of oxygen stood at 1,179MT in April and 1,164MT in May, the data further suggests.


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