The Right Sandwich for Right Now

The Right Sandwich for Right Now


Hello from New York Times headquarters! I’m writing to you from my desk at the office, where I am for the first time since Covid banished me to my home, which I know makes me fortunate. It’s sort of thrilling to be here, even though it’s still empty, and to imagine the newsroom hive buzzing again. But, wow, I felt stress pangs as I left the house. What time would I be getting home? How will I make dinner in the fall when I’ll be commuting more often? Were my phone and keys even in my bag?

OK, sorry, I hope I did not just stress you out, too. It’s still summer! We’re fine! Here are five recipes that are fast and easy enough to break out as soon as you walk through the door. And of course they are just as good when there is no commute, and especially so on warm evenings when the first order of business is a cold drink. Thoughts? Requests? Reach out to me anytime: [email protected].

This easy sandwich by Kay Chun screams summer to me, and I can’t wait to make it. The seasonings are inspired by Chinese salt and pepper fried shrimp; the shrimp here are tucked into a toasted hot dog bun with a swipe of garlic mayonnaise and some chiles, cilantro and squeezes of lime.

An efficient and extremely delicious dinner: Eric Kim sears salmon fillets, then uses the rendered fat from the fish to season and crisp precooked rice that’s pressed into the skillet like a pancake. The big finale is a fast sauce made with gochugaru, maple syrup and rice vinegar; the red-pepper glaze is poured over the fish to coat.

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These arepas, from the cookbook “Colombiana” by Mariana Velásquez, incorporate fresh corn kernels and cheese into the batter, which is pan-fried into a golden cake. Pair them with a tomato and avocado salad for an irresistible light meal, the kind that’s just right for late July.

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