‘The Painter’ Explores Artwork to Tell a Family’s Story

‘The Painter’ Explores Artwork to Tell a Family’s Story


The Painter wanders through artwork that’s been ‘corrupted,’ having you clear the grime and splatters away to reveal the world beneath.

A painter’s work covers the walls of this home, but someone’s gone and tossed a few buckets of paint around the place, ruining most of the works. Luckily, you’re a bunny that can travel between the paintings, using your rabbit powers to clear away these smears. This paint seems to have some unpleasant properties, too, bringing a bleakness and darkness to the paintings and the memories they hold. As you clean the paintings up, light and pleasantness return to them, creating a sunnier reality within the artwork.

The Painter

As you clean up the artwork, a family’s story will unveil itself to you, moving through many different moments in their lives. However, while some memories may get a bit cheerier, that doesn’t mean that the family shares only cheerful memories. There’s a darker narrative that runs between all of the works, and while things may start off happy, there’s some unpleasant things that you will unveil as you dig deeper. Maybe you’ll get some answers about who decided to destroy this artwork in the process. Maybe you’ll wish you hadn’t decided to clean it all up when you’re done.

The Painter offers an intriguing story through its paintings, and a compelling play style in cleaning them up (why do I love cleaning stuff?). I just feel bad that the poor bunny is working so hard to unveil something so sad in the long run.

The Painter is available now on itch.io.


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