BJP worker found dead, party alleges murder by TMC

BJP worker found dead, party alleges murder by TMC


Political violence in West Bengal continues unabated as another death of a BJP worker has been allegedly murdered in the state. Samresh Pal, a 36-year-old active BJP official from Madhav Nagar, Kadwip assembly constituency was found dead on Monday.

The BJP claimed that Pal was murdered by the goons of the ruling Trinamool Congress Party, adding that it testifies to the fact that there is no law and order in the state.

Accusing the ruling dispensation of Mamata Banerjee of political cleansing of opposition workers, the leader of opposition in West Bengal Suvendu Adhikari said Pal had to pay with his life for believing in exercising democratic rights.

Post poll violence in West Bengal

Using violence as an instrument to subdue their political opponents has become a distinctive feature of the TMC rule in West Bengal. Ever since the Mamata Banerjee-led retained power in the state, the persecution of dissenters and opposition workers has only intensified.

Post-poll violence has become a leitmotif of news emerging out of Bengal following the declaration of results. Umpteen number of violence against political opponents have been reported from the state. In an overwhelming number of such incidents, the victims have been BJP supporters and workers while the accused were said to be the supporters of the TMC party. More than a dozen BJP workers have lost their lives in the post-poll violence that ensued following the victory of the TMC party in the assembly elections.

The violence unleashed against them forced hundreds of BJP party workers and supporters to flee their villages along with their families. They crossed over to Assam where they have been provided temporary shelter under the supervision of minister Himanta Biswa Sarma. It is not just the BJP but even CPI(M) which has accused the TMC of killing its workers. Reports of attacks on BSF jawans have also emerged in the media.

On June 2, 2021, a month after Mamata Banerjee came back to power, the BJP said 37 of its workers were killed in the post-poll violence that convulsed the state. There were reports that said women in West Bengal were raped, assaulted and, in some cases, even killed, just because they adhered to a different political ideology.

Recently, a victim who was raped by the TMC goons in front of her father shared her harrowing ordeal with OpIndia. She narrated how she was attacked and sexually assaulted by her perpetrators associated with the TMC party.

In the aftermath of the assembly election results, TMC goons wreaked havoc, attacking and plundering the houses of their opponents. In one such attack, TMC goons lynched BJP worker Avijit Sarkar to death.


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