Google Pay users ALERT! Here is how to report any FRAUD – Full process explained here

Google Pay users ALERT! Here is how to report any FRAUD – Full process explained here


Making online or digital payment is the new normal. Instead of keeping cash for transactions people are now using various online payment apps like Google Pay to make payments.

However, as the number of digital transactions is increasing the cases of fraud is also rising. Fraudsters are using fake links or messages in the name of digital payment apps to fraud people. 


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Hence it is very important to understand the difference between fake and genuine links and messages. You are advised to always crosscheck the authenticity of the message or links before clicking on them.

Meanwhile, if you use Google Pay then here is what you can do if you suspect any kind of fraud.

If you suspect fraud or want to issue instructions to stop payment, or want to report any fraudulent transactions in your account, Google Pay suggest the following:

1. Please get in touch with your respective bank for immediate support and guidance. Banks have 24 x 7 support and you will be able to report a fraudulent transaction even during non-working hours.  

2. Reach out to the cyber crime police department in your local jurisdiction.

3. Click on the link and use the form to report the matter to the company. Your request will be evaluated against the policies of the company and the company will review it and take action as appropriate.

4. You can note that a UPI PIN is required to be entered on the Google Pay App to send money and not to receive money. Fraudsters may initiate a request making you believe that you will receive money by entering your PIN. Please be careful and ignore/reject such requests.


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