‘Beard Blade’ Battles Foes With Transforming Facial Hair

‘Beard Blade’ Battles Foes With Transforming Facial Hair


Beard Blade doesn’t just make you look sharp with a lush, full beard – it turns your facial hair into an all-purpose weapon and tool.

The folks who stole your livestock really don’t know what they’re getting into, as your beard can shift into just about any tool you could need to punish the thieves and get your animals back. Need a sword to break down some boxes? Beard’ll do it. Want to bash foes with a mace? Swing that beard. Need to break through the floor? Turn your beard into a brick wall. If you need to glide over cliffs or swing from chandeliers, your well-trimmed chin scruff will help you out.

Beard Blade uses beard to grab and swing from chandelier. A crow watches.

Your barber really deserves complimenting for helping keep your beard in fighting shape, and I mean this literally. You can collect coins as you wander through the game’s retro-inspired worlds, bringing the loot back to your barber to spruce up your beard powers. As you get new abilities, you’ll be able to find more of the treasures and records that litter each of the game’s levels. I guess if they’re going to rob you, you may as well rob them right back? That seems fair in the world of video games.

Beard Blade is a treat to play, if only to see the versatility of your facial hair. It just also happens to be a lot of fun to put those various beard powers to use in some classic platforming and in poring over the stages for extra goodies. I love me some collectables and malleable characters, so this game is definitely grabbing my attention. Preferably not grabbing it with a beard, because I don’t think I want to know what it feels like to be wrapped up in facial hair.

Beard Blade is available now on Steam.


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