Different Rules For Vaccinated/Unvaccinated Students This Fall

Different Rules For Vaccinated/Unvaccinated Students This Fall


There will be different rules for students and staff who have been fully vaccinated or not vaccinated once Ontario schools reopen this fall.

Our Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Kieran Moore, explained what that means to reporters yesterday.

Moore said if a student is not immunized and has been exposed to a high risk COVID-19 contact, they’ll be off for a minimum of 10 days and will have to get two tests, one initially and then another one about a week later.

Moore also said mandatory mask rules are being discussed.

The window to get both doses of the vaccine prior to the resumption of classes on September 9th ended yesterday (Tuesday).

The province’s MOH says anyone who is still hesitant about getting a vaccine, should talk to a medical professional.


Moore said that about 35 per cent of youth aged 12-17, which is approximately 300,000 students, still haven’t received a COVID-19 vaccine.


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